When it comes to building a web site that attracts visitors and performs well, it is important to pay close attention to every detail. It’s not difficult to do and if you follow these five simple rules, you’ll have a web site that people enjoy coming to and hanging out at.

1) Do Not Use Splash Pages

Splash pages are the first page you would see when you hit a web site. They tend to have a nice picture or photo with the words, “Welcome” or “Click Here To Enter.” They may look attractive, but functionally, they are empty and a waste. The search engines are looking for solid content on your index page and a splash page doesn’t cut the mustard. It also gives your visitors a prime oppotunity to click away. Make that first impression count!

2) Do Not Use Excession Banner Ads

People have trained themselves to avoid making eye contact with banner ads. If you are advertising on your site, the best advertising to do is in-context link ads. It’s more of a pre-sell than a hard sell and will make all the difference.

3) Create A Simple And Clean Navigation

The simpler, the better. People are coming to your web site for information. They want the solution to their problem answered and want to find it quickly. Avoid flash and drop-down menus. Keep it simple, easy to navigate and easy to get back. A visitor should never, ever be more than 3 clicks away from your Home page.

4) Have A Clear Indication Of Where Your Visitor Is

As in point 3, it is essential that your visitors feel as if they are in total control of their browsing experience. Always make sure they know exacly where they are and how to get to wherever they want to be. Clear links, site maps, etc are important. If they get lost, they may just abandon ship!

5) Avoid Using Audio On The Web Site

Background audio and sounds that start automatically when someone enters your site is a killer. Don’t do it! Many people get annouyed with something that they can’t control. Some people tend to browse at work. If you do feel you need to use audio, put it in a control that the visitor has to push a play button to start and stop.

With those few but important tips, you will provide your visitors a wonderfully pleasing experience at your web site.

Article Source: http://articleaddict.com