Search Engine Optimization which is shortly called as SEO, is noting but a process of improving the quality and volume of traffic to website from search engines, through algorithmic or natural search results for a list of targeted keywords. Generally when the website is ranked as first, there will be more search users directed to the website. Search Engine Optimization even targets other types of searches such as local searches, image searches and vertical search engines which are industrially specific which comes under this. Basically Search Engine Optimizers work on the web site’s coding, structure and presentation; they also work on problem fixing that may avoid search engine indexing programs from spidering a site completely. Other work includes, adding or posting quality content with the help of content or copywriters with appropriate keywords and anchor texts.

Here is some history of Search Engine Optimization; in the mid 1990s, content writers and webmasters began optimizing websites so that it becomes search engine friendly. Search Engine Optimizers need to make changes to the website’s HTML search code; these strategies are included into the website designing and development. The term ‘search engine friendly’ is used to describe a website’s menu, designs, shopping carts and content management systems which are effortless to optimize. Originally webmasters needed to do was to submit an URL or page to different engines such as Google, Yahoo, Ask, GoodSearch, etc., that would throw off a spider to ‘crawl’ that particular page or URL, extract links to other pages from it, and return information seen on the page to be indexed. This practice or method involves a search engine spider to download a page and storing it on the server of the search engine, where the second program called as an indexer brings various information about the page, such as the words present in it and where are these words located as well as any weight for the particular words and all links present in the page, that are later positioned into a scheduler for crawling at a later on date.

Search Engine Optimization also gives equal importance to Page Ranks shortly called PR; there are some web sites that have a maximum page rank of ten, they includes of Adobe, Adobe Acrobat, World Wide Web Consortium, Macromedia,, Apple – QuickTime, Keio University, National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Apple Computers, Google Search, Microsoft, The White House, Real Media and IBM.

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