Apple Computer buyer guide by the Information Week, sortd by ‘should pick’.

  1. The Mac Pro: Fast and Powerful.
    For serious graphics, programming, video. Starting at $2,799.
  2. The MacBook Pro: high-end capability in a portable size.
    The 15-inch starts at $1,999 and the 17-inch begins at $2,799.
  3. The MacBook: Economical Laptop starts at $1,099.
  4. The MacBook Air: The lightest, smallest, most mobile full-featured laptops.
    Light weight, sleek design, and capability is genuinely amazing. Starting price $1,799.
  5. The iMac: Good, solid, all-around performers. Well-designed all-in-one case.
    The 20-inch screen model (starting at $1,199) and the higher-end 24-inch variety (starting at $1,799).
  6. The MacMini: The least expensive Mac.
    Starting at $599 (albeit with no display, keyboard, or mouse, all purchased separately).
  7. The XServe: The Value Leader Server. Enterprise-level capability and features in a standard rack-mountable format.