If you have got more than a page on your web site, then it is important that you design a simple way for people to navigate it. Most web sites that you come across nowadays have got their navigation on the top of their page or down the left hand side. Should your web design be in such a way that the navigation appears in an unexpected position, people might get confused. As a matter of fact, they might spend more time trying to figure out how to use the navigation rather than looking at the content.

It could be crucial that you use web design features that make your navigation look consistent across the site. If one section of the web site looks different to the others, your visitors might think they have left the site. Subsequently they might stop viewing the web site and close it in the seconds that follow. So, during the time you make your web design, you have to ensure that such details are taken care of. Certainly it would not be wise to lose potential customers because of miscalculated web design features.

Moreover, people find choosing between more than 7 links at a time difficult as it takes more thinking and time. Therefore, if you do not have more than 7 pages on your web site, you may have to group them into sections. On the other hand, you can put some of the less important ones in a secondary navigation bar at the bottom of the page. Likewise, if there are more than 7 sections in your web site, you may use web design techniques that group them into sub-sections. As a general rule, you have to restrict providing people with more than 7 links at any stage while they are surfing your web site. Using such web design solutions could mean that you are making things more difficult than they should be.

Furthermore, sometimes designers get carried away to be different just for the sake of it. A good web designer will normally use web design solutions that produces an attractive and at the same time usable site. Also, good web design will try to meet the goal that had been set for the web site rather trying to impress people with creativity. Creativity is important in web design but how effective a web site is normally what counts most. A solid example where designers are different is the mystery meat navigation (MMN). MMN is the name given to such navigation features that do not have any words on them. These are difficult to use and until you do not point your mouse on them you would not know where to go. Such web design characteristics will easily drive visitors away.

Internet surfers look for simplicity and also want to get what they are looking for hassle free. If you use web design features that get them utterly confused, you could be sure that they would disappear in a few minutes.

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