Content information rules

The most significant thing to remember about well-liked web sites is that they should always be rich in content.

First impressions matters

You first need to think about the communication you are sending to your own customer. The first page of your web site needs to be of brief description of your website. You page should not be too busy – attract visitors to dig deeper into your web site through the use of appealing text and attractive graphics. If you are serious about your business through website then purchase your own domain name and don’t use any “free” hosting service.

Design your sites and not the pages

Your first concern needs to be the site’s complete design. When you are starting to design a new site from scratch, you can try to make a design, which would make sense to users, has a reliable look and feel, and is not too difficult to expand in the near future. The uniformity of design of a site is one of the factors, which differentiate amateur sites from qualified ones.

Get around easy

Your viewer should be able to easily navigate to any required page in your web site from one page to another page. It’s again significant to link in a reliable, well thought out manner so that the users could learn to navigate. Have clear links on your pages and, if you are selling a product, make it trouble-free for people to purchase it! Show your business name; address, phone number and other E-mail address on every required page. Invite customers to get in touch with you with their questions and comments or feedbacks. Add links to other sites only when it is actually required, or on a particular links page at the end of your site. You desire visitors to go through your site before moving off to another!

Be a stranger

Once you are done with your web site outline, view it in other browsers. Does it look like you required it to look?

Keep it current

Come up with new reason for people to surf through and revisit your pages and suggest them to their friends. This could be in series of articles, tips, a daily cartoon, or other interest catching event. The words most probable to draw visitors are: Free and Special. Be sure you really offer something of worth if you use these words!

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