Palettes plays a big role in designing web sites. apart from defining how nice a web site looks, but it can too rule how the target audience behaves. Getting colour choices spot on can affect to most earnings and compliments while using the incorrect set could have the opposing effect.

Worthy selection of colour comes down to knowledge of the psychological impact of colours. particular colours stirs up feelings of happiness & joy, while others can promote depression and anger.

Colour can to used to attract users and attract attention. this could be used to highlight a message or to direct a user to another part of the website.

This summarises what emotional effect that colours can have on people.

White is a really minimalist colour. associated with simplicity, purity & cleanliness, it can be used to highlight images.

Yellow is linked to comfort, liveliness, energy & happiness. it is a lively colour that can be used to highlight specific areas on a web page.

Red can summon up feelings of lust, courage & strength. it is a strong colour & if used in small doses, it’s striking for emphasising points.

Blue is about confidence, loyalty & coolness. it is the best-used colour in the world & it’s used by many businesses to create a feeling of confidence & strength.

Black is linked to feelings of mystery & sophistication. A very popular colour in design & photographic websites, it can be used to effectively contrast & spice up other colours.

Green is linked to organic, the environment & relaxation. The lighter end of the green spectrum can be used to give a site a relaxed feel.

Orange is a colour that’s associated with vibrancy, heat, fire & energy. A therapeutic colour, it could be used in designing websites to signify openness.

Purple isn’t a really popular colour in designing websites, because it is seen as quite girly & can give the impression of arrogance, finances, luxury & indulgence.

Orange is extremely young however also warm, stimulating & friendly. used in websites, it is also welcoming.

Grey is a popular background colour for sites. just like black, its great for emphasising images & it creates great contrast between different colours.

Colour psychology can play a huge role in making a successful site. to create a subliminal expectation among the end user can be an effective sales tool. choosing colours thoughtlessly can accidentally put users off the site. creating combinations of colour that direct users to an end goal can generate sales and remove stress from the user experience.

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