There are many excellent e-commerce sites, but very few are successful. The main reason behind this fact is committing some very common mistakes which have a negative effect on sales and customer satisfaction levels. As the customers have unlimited options for shopping online, they will take their business elsewhere if your site gives them problems. Therefore avoid the following mistakes.

Bad Design

A good website design is the gateway to success in the highly competitive online business. Your online business is mostly judged on the basis of the designing theme and overall look of your e-commerce site. Hence, you should go for a professionally designed e-commerce site. Don’t forget to ask your USA or UK based web design agency to incorporate latest technologies in the web site.

Lack of usability

A website without usability is like a town without directions. If your site is not reflecting your business, it is simply useless to the audience. Suppose if you are offering financial services, your website must have content related to latest financial issues, your experience and the services.

Barriers in shopping

People shop online because of the ease of shopping. Any minor problem faced by the buyer while shopping would make them leave the site within a matter of few seconds. Try to keep the price tag and description about the products very accurate and up-to-date.

unsatisfactory customer service

If the customers are not treated properly, they would start looking for the same product at some other site. Poor customer services mean not answering e-mails, not responding to queries, delay in delivering the products or delivering the wrong goods.

Poor search options

It is important for a customer to narrow down their options while browsing for products. It helps them to find the products of their expectations in less time. Hence, even though you are selling good quality products, there must be the option for your customers to filter their searches and remove irrelevant products.

Hidden checkout button

By hiding the checkout button you simply can’t compel your buyers to buy products or services from your site. At times, after adding a product to the shopping cart it becomes difficult to search the checkout button. Ideally, any good e-commerce site should have a visible checkout button on every page.

Unnecessary inquiry

It is necessary to ask the customers to ask for some details during the registration process. But giving away too many details is something that most of the customers don’t prefer. Stick to just necessary details to complete the purchase. Name of the customer, delivery address, contact number, and card details are all you need.

Displaying ‘out of stock’ products

When an item is out of stock, it is essential to remove the product from the search result pages. You don’t want your customers to be disappointed at the end of their shopping to find that the product that they wish to buy is out of stock.

If you are planning to have your own e-commerce site to expand your customer base, approach a reliable and affordable web design companies in the UK, the USA or India. Go for a reputed web and graphic design company which have both the experience and infrastructure to provide you with quality e-commerce solutions.

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