The new version of Bitrix Site Manager 5.1 is here with a 40% increase in operating speed, globally tested and verified and optimized. Bitrix Site Manager is the flagship product of Bitrix, Inc., the leading developer of Content Management Software for managing web projects and is used widely around the world with client websites including Harper’s Bazaar and Cosmopolitan.

Bitrix Site Manager is delivered in source code, and was developed in PHP, Site Manager will run on any Windows or UNIX platform with MySQL, Oracle, Oracle XE, MSSQL or MSSQL Express as the back end database. With 80% of the clients utilizing MySQL it is no surprise that Bitrix is also a MySQL certified partner.

Bitrix Site Manager 5.1 includes 21 modules for managing all aspects of a website and there is no need to be a web professional with a completely redesigned user interface that allows new users to become familiar with site management in a matter of hours. Aside from the Main Module and Site Explorer, there are also modules dealing with Workflow, managing your e-Store and a host of tools for web analytics, advertising, surveys and a helpdesk among many others.

Modules are accessed through a completely rebuilt Control Panel with more than 300 forms and pages redesigned with users enjoying the following features:

1 Smart Interface – a new feature allowing for flexible user settings
2 Cutting edge AJAX technology for creating interactive web applications
3 Up to 40% increase in operating speed
4 Enhancements in product usability

Smart Interface has been developed to ease and improve effective web site management while at the same time keeping the feel and capabilities that existing clients are already familiar with. Whether you are new or experienced the Bitrix Site Manager 5.1 is easier to understand and utilize quickly and effectively while reducing web project expenses, reducing training and familiarization time and costs and eliminating mistakes due to frequently used operations being automated.

The Control Panel now has three mode tabs, Public, Edit Site and the familiar Control Panel. With Bitrix Site Manager 5.1 in Public mode you see the site as is, while in Edit mode the control areas are highlighted and utilize management tools for ease of use and there is incredibly fast switching between the three modes while even a tab bar can be placed in browser window.

Bitrix Site Manager 5.1 is the obvious choice for a CMS solution with a well documented API allowing partners to deliver small-scale and enterprise class web projects with decreased costs and delivering enhanced business opportunities. The ease of use of Bitrix Site Manager 5.1 does not mean there has been a sacrifice in the delivery of complex and advanced web projects such as e-commerce facilities, flexible workflow, web analytics, and a helpdesk facility to provide a leading edge technology solution to clients.

Bitrix Site Manager 5.1 is also secure and it is constantly reviewed, checked and monitored by external web security specialists so the delivery of an effective, cost reducing CMS solution for clients is not impaired and the requirement for secure e-commerce is not compromised.

For e-commerce sites, there is an Affiliate module, contained within the e-
Store module, to enable the setting up and management of fully functional affiliate and dealer networks. Affiliates derive benefits from commission or fees based on volume of products sold or on the whole sales volume delivered.

You are now also able to manage blogs and forums and filter out and delete obscene comments before they become public on your site. All Bitrix Site Manager 5.1 editions allow import and export of data from /to the information blocks in CSV format allowing communication with MS Excel for instance. Forum and Newsletter modules are included in the Small Business edition while IT managers will be pleased to see that the Enterprise Edition has an AD/LDAP module to simplify life.

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