Designing websites involves plenty skilled disciplines from type to layout and color. color is particularly serious because it gives the first impression to the user. the correct colors can create a good user experience, whereas the wrong colors can have a negative impact.

To build a good site, the website designer needs to know how colors can affect people. subconsciously, people react to colors and associate them with different emotions & feelings.

colors don’t just stir up emotions & feelings that might influence how a website is seen but they can also be utilised cleverly to point users in the direction of specific sections of your site.

Each color imaginable can be used on the internet these days, which means that picking the right colors can be a huge task. here’s a speedy summary of how some colors can evoke certain reactions.

White is a very minimalist color. associated with simplicity, cleanliness & purity, it can be used to draw attention to images.

Yellow is linked with comfort, liveliness, energy and joy. it’s a vibrant color that can be used to highlight specific areas on a webpage.

The color red can summon up feelings of desire, courage and strength. it’s a strong color and if used in small doses, it is great for highlighting issues.

Red is a very evocative color & it stirs up images of hell, love, fire & warning. it is probably the most effective color to draw attention.

White could be used to create contrast by being used as a background color. the areas of white inbetween the components of a webpage are called negative space. White is linked to cleanliness, peace & light.

Black is a very strong color & is associated with sexiness, strength & elegance. it is a very popular color on photography web sites, because black creates contrast between colors within photos.

Like green, brown is associated with mother earth, calm and relaxation. there is a trend to use wood textures as a background color to give the feel of the environment & organics.

Grey is commonly used to create shiny gradient effects in web design. The color maybe associated with refinement, stability and boredom.

Darker shades of purple can be truly deep & luscious. it can be associated with royalty, spirituality, arrogance & luxury. the lighter end of the spectrum can stand for romance & delicacy. it is a color that is not really used much on websites.

Full of life, vibrancy & stimulation, orange is a great color to use in designing websites. it can be used to bring youthfulness to a design.

The role of color isn’t just to make the site look nice, it can provoke feelings and emotions from the target audience. selecting colors that agitate the site user can have damaging effects on your website, whereas cleverly choosing can mean that the website meets user expectation.

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