There are moments when too much is too much! This is also true when speaking about the number of fonts one decides to install on his or her computer. It will most definitely harm the computer, meaning that its speed will no longer be the same. The cause of all this may also be the fact that there are programs which automatically install new fonts. The result will be that it will become very difficult or even impossible to find the one font you need among the hundreds displayed in your font selection menus. Can you deal with all this or not?

I would say that you can expect to run into installation problems with 800 to1000 or more installed fonts, so this is the moment when you must put an end to getting new fonts! The maximum number of fonts is different from system to system, because of the way the Windows System Registry works. This Registry Key has a size limit. When that limit is reached, you can no longer install more fonts. You must be aware of the fact that you can install more fonts having very short names than if they all had very long!

The question is whether you will feel comfortable scrolling through a list of several hundreds of fonts from within your software applications. In order to reach the best performance and ease of use of your computer, you should not install more than 500 different fonts! There are certain fonts required by your operating system and specific programs, all of them adding up to the fonts you may additionally install. This is the main reason why, before you begin deleting fonts from the Windows Font folder, you should make sure that you save a copy of that font. You may find yourself in the situation when you discover that you really want to continue using a font or that one of your software programs requires it.

So, even if too many fonts is just a number set by the operating system on your computer, you should never go beyond certain limits when installing numerous fonts. It cannot, by any chance, improve the performance of your system, even if it may help you in other ways! There are fonts you can live and work without, so you�d better revise your true needs. You will be surprised to see that there is no sense in having all those useless fonts installed!

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