Navigation of links on your site plays a vital role in shaping the stickiness of your website (how long your visitor would stay and explore your site). Ask yourself this, what do my visitors do as soon as he/she opens my website? They might perhaps read the content information of the present home page and then look around to find any other page that impresses them.

Layout and Navigation

A neat and clean looking layout and navigation using a lot of white space for your site would enhance its looks. Try to keep the spotlight on your information content. That is why it is advised to use dream weaver templates for your website – all pages or a group of pages have one essential design and only the information content varies – this way even if your website is a little off-putting due to essential effects, your design is renowned once and then the visitor concentrate on the information content automatically. Read our important Web Design Tips before you start designing your site.

Few Important tips:

• Prepare your website navigation before designing to prevent messing up the website with forgotten links.

• Clean-cut and consistent system navigation is a must.

• If you have too many links then you need to use drop-down menus or fly outs for any of your major topics. If you carry Fireworks or Dream weaver then macromedia drop-down menus are one of the majority well-liked in-built “Behaviors”.

• Maintain a site map or part contents/home pages to assist people for finding what they are looking for with ease.

• You need to be flexible enough to accommodate any quantity of extra additional links in case you maybe would be adding pages periodically. For this using drop-down menus or part content pages is a must.

• Keep your main links collected together as much as doable so that website visitors could soak up them at one shot and know what your website expresses about your company. Check out how all our main links look like in top navigation bar and all connected section links are listed in the right hand side menu.

• Use your navigation available space professionally. Use short, clear and exact words in your links so that your website visitors know what the corresponding page would contain.

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