One facet of a well-designed website is its color scheme. selection of color is important in creating the look that the site’s owner wants to portray. if the look of the website doesn’t meet the users expectations, then they’ll leave and probably never go back to the site. This is regularly the reason why a web site is not doing as well as it should.

Knowing about color perception can make life a whole lot easier when choosing a color scheme for a website. knowing the colors that can irritate & which can calm is important in giving the user the right impression & experience of the website. why would you annoy a user when you want them to buy from your web site?

Color contrast and balance is another technique you should know about. It can be used to direct users to desired pages of areas within the site.

Below are some of the most well-used colors and their emotional connotations.

White is a very minimalist color. associated with simplicity, purity and cleanliness, it can be used effectively to highlight images.

Yellow is linked to comfort, liveliness, energy and joy. its a vibrant color that can be used to highlight certain areas on a webpage.

The color red can summon up feelings of passionate, courage and strength. its a strong color and if used in small doses, it’s excellent for emphasising points.

The color black can be linked to death, mourning, power and style. many metal bands use black as their predominant color due to its links with death and evil.

Yellow summons up thoughts of summer, joy and optimism. it is a color that can be overwhelming and if used alongside with black, it creates a feeling of warning.

Like yellow, red is linked with love, sex and energy. it can be overpowering if over used, but it’s exciting to attract attention.

Brown can be used to express trust and honesty in a design. it can also be associated with ageing, warmth & comfort.

Orange is linked with enthusiasm, creativity & stimulation. it is used in designing websites to denote friendliness.

Darker shades of purple can be extremely deep & luscious. it can be linked to royalty, spirituality, arrogance & luxury. the lighter end of the spectrum can stand for romance & delicacy. it is a color that’s not really used much on sites.

Full of energy, vibrancy & stimulation, orange is a wonderful color to use in designing for the internet. it can be used to bring a sense of youthfulness to a design.

In conclusion, when choosing colors for designing for the web, you should think about to the way it can potentially affect users. The choice of colors might look great or meet your brief, although will it put your users off? by making some simple changes, like changing the buy now button to a vibrant color might generate more sales. Serious consideration and thought can mean the difference between success and failure.

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