Colour is an important aspect in web design. Colours may at once help people recognize your company. Firms such as Toyota, Mc Donalds and KFC are instantly spotted by their colours as well as their logos. For instance, the Coca Cola can had been designed using the red colour with white stripes. This is a unique aspect of the company which other brands have gradually copied.

Likewise, in web design the same thing can be done. You do not copy the entire layout and design of another web site. But you might use the idea behind a web site that you like. One of the mistakes people often make when they settle down with web design is to choose too many colours. In web design, simplicity is often referred to as beauty. So, the less colour you choose, the more striking your web site may look. You may pick one main colour and then choose a couple more to accompany it. Using shades of the same colour is another reliable web design technique that can make your site look attractive.

Furthermore, artists, designers and photographers use several rules known as the colour theory. This theory can also be used in web design to simplify the task of having the best colour combinations. Similarly, one of the most useful tools in the colour theory is the colour wheel. Colour wheels can help you spot various combinations that match appropriately with each other. The colour wheel is extensively used in web design. For example, colours which lie opposite to each other in the colour wheel, called complementary colours work well together. On the other hand, colours that lie close to each other, called analogous colours as well match with each other.

That is why one may come across various web sites that have unique colours and representations. This is because the web design industry has become very competitive. Therefore, everyone has to keep up with the pace to succeed in their business. However, before you start with your web design task, it can be helpful to initially create a colour palette. If you are making the web design for a company that is already doing business, then the palette could be based on the company’s existing colour scheme. If you are making a web design for yourself, then it could be worthwhile creating a palette that gives a special mood to your web site. The exact web design could be achieved by thinking about your web site’s goals. The web design could be even more enhanced by thinking about your target audience and their needs.

By doing this, you may be sure to produce a web design of quality. You should also take care to use colours that suit your business type. For example, if your web site deals with feminine clothes, using the green colour will be not appealing to your audience. As a matter of fact, you have to make a good planning before you start with the web design. Several web design solutions and tools exist that you could use to achieve an end product worth investing your time on.

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