One sign of a well-designed website is its colours. choice of colors is vital in creating the look that the site’s owner wants to portray. if the look of the site does not meet the user’s expectation, then they will leave and probably never return to the site. This is regularly the reason why a website is not doing quite as well as it should.

Knowing all about colour perception can make life a whole lot easier when choosing a color scheme for a website. knowing which colours can irritate and which can calm is important in giving the user the right impression & experience of the site. why would you want to anger a user if you want them to buy from your website?

Color contrast & balance is another technique you should know about. It can be used to point users attention to certain pages on the site.

Below are some of the best-used colours and their emotional connotations.

Yellow can be linked with hazard, hope, friendship and wealth. used sparingly, it can be used to draw attention to sections of a webpage.

Green is a great colour to use to create a relaxed and calm website, it’s linked to mother earth, envy, wealth and the organic.

Blue is associated with business, strength, water and harmony and the lighter blues could be used in designing websites to create a cool feel.

Red is a really evocative colour and it conjures up thoughts of hell, love, fire and warning. it is probably the best colour to use to draw attention.

White can be used to create contrast by being used as a background colour. the bits of white inbetween the components of a webpage are known as negative space. White is linked with cleanliness, peace and light.

Black is a bold colour and is linked with sexiness, strength and elegance. it is a really popular colour on photography sites, as black creates striking contrast between colours within images.

Grey can be linked with respect, humility, decay & boredom. its used heavily to make shiny gradients in designing web sites to give a slick, modern feel to a web-site.

Orange is strongly related to spirituality & healing. its the colour that represents Buddhism & its a calming energy about it. its a bold colour that’s not as bright as yellow yet not a deep as red.

In designing web-sites, purple is a pretty underused colour, probably because it is perceived as a girly colour. its also linked to royalty, romance & wisdom.

Grey can be a weird colour as it is not strong. it can be used to create sophisticated, classy & calm sites. its used heavily on tech sites.

Kknowing what the colours represent and the subconscious power of them can be a great benefit when designing websites. by knowing the target audience, designers can thoughtfully choose colours that connect to the user thus making the site appealing and attractive. E-commerce places could be made better by pointing the user in the direction of the buy now button by drawing attention and creating contrast.

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