When making for the world wide web, an partof the web-site design that requires mindful deliberation is color. opting for colors absent of meaning or knowledge may dishearten users from the website. picking the exactcolors with meaning and information may influence to a improved web-site design.

Knowing a bit of color psychology & symbolism is key to knowing which colors affect people in certain ways. color perception is linked strongly to feelings & emotions including happiness, sadness & lust.

colors can also demonstrate contrast & emphasise sections of a webpage that you may want the user to see including a promotion box or a buy now button.

Here’s a few of the most popular colors & what they make people feel like.

Yellow could be linked with danger, hope, friendliness & finances. used in moderation, it can be used to highlight sections on a webpage.

Green is a good color to use to create a relaxed and calm website, it’s linked to nature, jealousy, money & the organic.

Blue is linked to business, strength, water & harmony & the paler blues could be used in website design to create a cool effect.

The color blue is linked with confidence, loyalty & coolness. it is the most well-used color in the world & it is used by numerous companies to create a feeling of confidence & strength.

Black is linked to feelings of mystery & refinement. A really popular color in design & photographic web sites, it could be used to effectively contrast & liven up other colors.

Green is linked to organic, nature & relaxation. The paler shades of green can be used to give a relaxed feel to a website.

Just like green, brown is associated with nature, calm & relaxation. there is a trend to use wood textures as a background to give the feel of organics & the environment.

Light grey is commonly used to create shiny effects in web design. The color can be associated with elegance, stability & boredom.

The color orange is extremely young although also warm, stimulating and friendly. used in sites, it’s also welcoming.

Grey is a popular color for backgrounds for sites. like black, it’s perfect for emphasising images and it creates perfect contrast between colors.

color’s role is not just to make the website look nice, it can evoke feelings & emotions from the target audience. choosing colors that annoy the user can have detrimental effects on your site, whilst cleverly choosing might mean that the site lives up to user expectation.

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