People make websites for various purposes. While for some it might be the extension of a hobby, some may use it for selling products. No matter for whatever reason a person creates and put up a site for hosting, he wants people to visit his site. It does not make any sense in putting a glitzy and flashy site on the Internet if it fails to draw adequate crowd. This is because hosting a site is quite costly these days and a site owner would want to get back the worth of his invested money. That is why employing a web traffic analysis tool becomes necessary.

A site owner can take some basic steps to ensure consistent flow of web traffic to his site. First of all, he can have his web site optimized for the search engines. The more keyword rich content a site has, the more are its chances of being traced by the popular search engines. If a site uses the keywords efficiently in its content, it gets a good ranking on the search engines. One can also start a business blog on his site to increase traffic to the site.

Another good way to generate traffic to one’s site is using Article submission. The owner of the site can compose keyword rich articles and send them to several article directories. He should use the resource box to add link to his site and this in turn will crate more traffic to the site. The social networking sites like MySpace can be used to create traffic to one’s web site. Another good option is resorting to email marketing. One way several site owners have profited from is submitting the site to the most popular search engines.

While implementing several steps to increase the traffic to his site a site owner also needs to use Website counter to see if his steps are yielding any positive result or not. A web site owner can make use of Hit counter free download from the company Counter for your site. This tool helps a web site owner in various ways to monitor the traffic and increase it as well. Using this tool one can learn the keywords being used by the visitors to his site. Thereafter, he can make use of the relevant keywords in his content.

This tool also lets a site owner know which search engines are more compatible for his site and he can make modifications to his SEO techniques. It also reveals the particular browser that the visitors use for seeing his site and he can fine tune the site for getting displayed seamlessly in the browser. Using this Website counter does not tax a person’s website with banner ads. The company offering this unique web traffic analysis service has two versions, one is free and the other comes at a nominal monthly charge for the users. However, the free service usually suffices for most of the site owners.

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