Computers are great tools when it comes to web design. But there is no easier way than using a piece of paper and pencil to jot down how you want your web site to look like. While using these, you may quickly draw the creativity in your mind on paper. The most important part of any design is the idea that lies behind it. So, before you even touch a computer, you have to sit down and draw your ideas. By doing this, you will know which route to take to end up with the web design that you want to achieve.

However, sketching will help you better understand your thoughts. Meaning, you will at once know if there are any modifications to be made to the web design. Sketches represent your ideas. So, you will be able to show them to your boss or to other people for feedback. Apart from sketches, you can also list any ideas that crop out of your mind. You can either draw a sitemap or mention the names of other web sites that you like. This practice may bring better results if carried out with another people, for example a colleague. Like that, you will be able to get ideas from each other as well as discuss about the web design.

Moreover, an advantage with sketches is that they can be quickly created. They can also be easily changed and transformed in any way you want. Therefore, if midway you have decided to change the structure of the web design, you haven’t wasted enormous amounts of time in front of your computer. You do not have to worry about the quality of your drawing. The important thing is that you understand your ideas and how you plan your web design to be. To come to the right design you can perform several designs and then choose one among the rest. A web design professional will be able to do these stuffs quickly and easily. So, if you are unfamiliar with web design, you may hire a web design company. They will carry out your web design job as per your requirements.

Furthermore, web pages exist in different sizes. So, a good web design will enable people who have different monitor sizes to correctly see a web page. In other words, a web page can change size depending on the computer you use to look at it. Different computers have different sized screens. As a matter of fact, one of the first decisions to take while making the web design is to decide on how big to make the web pages. For instance, if your pages are larger than the users’ screens they will have to scroll to see the rest. But you should be careful to use web design solutions that remove the risk of people scrolling sideways. Thus, it is crucial that you set the correct width for your pages. If it is too wide, then people will have to scroll horizontally. Be sure that your web design features eases the tasks of your visitors as much as possible.

Some web sites do not have a fixed width. These may use web design solutions called liquid layouts which expand to fit the browser window. On the other hand, others can use web design features like elastic layouts which expand according to the text size therefore allowing people to zoom in.

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