When designing for the web, an bit of the web design that must meticulous deliberation is color. electing colors lacking meaning or knowing can drive away users from the web site. deciding on the correctcolors with meaning and understanding can sway to a greater web design.

Knowing a bit of color psychology & symbolism is essential in knowing what colors affect people in certain ways. color perception is strongly linked to emotions and feelings including happiness, sadness & lust.

colors can also effectively display contrast & emphasise sections of a webpage that you may want the user to interact with including a promotion box or a buy now button.

Here’s a few of the most popular colors & what they make people feel like.

Red is associated with strength, fire, blood & passion. if it is used sparingly on a light background, it can be used to draw attention & highlight.

Blue is the most frequently used color & it can represent confidence, loyalty & royalty. the darker end often means strength whereas the paler end can be used to express fantasy and dream.

The color green can summarise feelings of durability, safety & harmony. its also a brilliant color to use to highlight calm & relaxation.

Green is associated with trees, wealth & envy. The most calming color in the spectrum, its really popular with web sites that are associated with nature.

The color white is linked with clean & simple designs, so its favoured by numerous design companies. It stirs up feelings of cleanliness, simplicity, honesty & innocence.

Evoking feelings of passion, sex, fire & aggression, red is a really charged color. the brighter side of red is bold, so it can be utilised to create awareness.

Orange is a color that’s linked to vibrancy, heat, fire & energy. A therapeutic color, it can be used in web-site design to show openness.

Purple isn’t a truly popular color in web-site design, as it is seen as quite feminine & gives the impression of arrogance, wealth, luxury & indulgence.

Brown represents confidence, reassurance, dirt and poverty. just like green, it could be used to make a site feel relaxed & calm. it is really popular with web sites to do with nature.

Purple might be a really rich color and it’s linked to religion in addition to wealth and royalty. It does not seem to be as popular as other colors in designing web sites although, if used effectively, it could give a site a sense of sophistication.

It’s evident that colors do not just make a site look alluring, although they also have an effect on user experience and can thus dictate how successful a site can be. picking the right colors can create a website that users can discover and will make them more willing to use, explore and promote the website to mates. getting the colors wrong can inadvertently put users off and have them leave your site for somebody elses.

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