1. Outstanding Design
2. Remarkable Content
3. Maximum Traffic

Professional web design for any type of business is the most important step. Your web site can be the first, and sometimes the only, thing your customers see. Your quality design, layout, and branding, combined with the latest technology, ensure you’ll make a positive impression right from the start.

State of the art online marketing tools guarantee your customers will find you first. It’s important to provide and produce immediate results that keep you one step ahead of the competition. For help and the best way to get your site optimized and to start your site out right, pull up Google and either search for Web Design or SEO (Search Engine Optimization) grab your first FIRM you find from the organic results and start looking to see what they offer. Ask them if they can market your site and to provide examples or references.

Content Development is the last and always the most overlooked last key to success. If you have ever heard (Content is King) then this is the icing on the cake. The goal is to reach your customers and motivate their behavior. If you’re online marketing delivers customers, your design gets their attention. Your content closes the deal. What would happen if the content wasn’t polished off to close the deal? They would hit the back button. Enough said.

If you are missing any 1 of these major component’s it’s just as bad as missing the key’s to your car. You aren’t going anywhere any time soon. You can have a perfect design that cost’s you 10’s of thousands to perfect w/ flashy media and super high tech technology to out “look” your competitors, but if you don’t have any traffic then who is going to see it? If you have the super high design site and plenty of traffic and were aiming for the large ROI but yet your site doesn’t exactly explain what you have to offer or sale, then who is going to buy into something they don’t even understand what it is they are buying, well not many if any at all. As you can see, you easily get overwhelmed by the wrong pieces of the puzzle for web development, if you stick these basic’s and build up and create a solid plan you are guaranteed for success. Let’s just hope you aren’t planning to sell pet rocks, but even with the right content, design and traffic. I bet you could actually bring back the pet rock’s with the new e-rock. Just don’t give me credit for the idea.

Article Source: http://articleaddict.com