Web 2.0 has revolutionized the way web sites operate making the user the deciding authority on how the web site should run. Well, that’s fitting enough as it’s the users who ultimately decide whether your web site is a success or a failure.

In other words, in today’s highly competitive world, your web site needs to have advanced and interactive web site design which is in sync with the Web 2.0 standards.

Here are few steps to make your web site Web 2.0 friendly:

Simplicity is the key

Web 2.0 calls for simple, clear, uncluttered design. The main purpose of a web site is to attract users. If the webpage is stuffed with too much of unnecessary information or fancy Flash design, then it would be difficult to draw the visitor’s attention to the most important piece of information. Hence the bottom line is to keep things simple, clear and concise.

Clear navigation

Having clear and smooth navigation is the key to make your advanced web site design 2.0 friendly. A clear navigation helps the users to know where they are in the scheme of things and where else they can go. Inline hyperlinks should be clearly defined and navigation links should be large, bold and clearly differentiated using color, tone and shape.

Keep the layout central

Having a full-screen layout or a left-aligned one is passé. Central layout is simple and ideal for an advanced or Flash web site design with Web 2.0 features. By positioning the site centrally within the browser window makes the site look more professional.

Use fewer columns

In web 2.0 world, less is more. The motive is to communicate important information in a much clearer way without fuss. Hence the number of columns should not exceed more than three. Ideally a two column site is perfect.


In the Web 2.0 world, undoubtedly content is king. Content should be rich, informative and educating and should be well-spaced. It should allow the visitors to skim through the web page without missing the important information. For this, use smaller paragraphs, informative headlines, bulleted text, and simple crisp language which talks and engages the reader.

Relevant information

Your audience is the reason you are in business. They come to your web site looking for substantial, relevant information. Hence provide them with what they want. There is no need to fill up the webpages with everything under the sun unless of course you want to drive away your visitors.

Deliver information but don’t sell

Your pitch should be educating, informative and not that of a sales person. Provide useful information and do not advertise. This way you would be able to lend credibility to your site and earn the trust of your visitors.

Bold, distinctive logo

A logo is an identity of what your company, products and services are all about. Keep the logo bold which says loudly to the world “This is what we are”. A logo should be such which is distinctive and signifies your brand personality.

Article Source: http://articleaddict.com