1. Three big no-nos on MySpace: Do not obscure the MySpace ad banner (or feature your own ad banners), spam, or feature inappropriate content. Any of these will almost guarantee that your account gets deleted.

2. While we strongly encourage using your MySpace design to the maximum benefit, remember that MySpace monitors the level of activity on every account. We recommend limiting your interactions to 200 or less per day to ensure that MySpace will not mistake you for a spammer.

3. Some graphic suggestions… Do not use a photo or busy graphic as a background to your content. An overwhelming background may distract the visitor from key points or messages within your page. Take advantage of a strong title graphic, and present the content in a way that isn’t distracting.

4. Do not clutter your MySpace page with “Which Hollywood Superstar are You?”, quizzes and other obnoxious widgets that don’t directly speak to your audience, at least if you expect to be taken seriously as a professional entity on MySpace. For tips on how to effectively market yourself or your business on MySpace please visit our MySpace Marketing Tips.

5. If you’re going to have your profile song on auto-start, make sure it’s easy listening or a nearly universally loved tune. This may be the deal breaker on whether or not a visitor returns. I have been known to repeatedly visit someone’s page based on their having a good song. I have also been known to immediately leave a profile before the page even completely loads due to something intolerable being played.


1. Choose a catchy MySpace URL. Chances are I won’t remember your unique page ID as the URL, so pick something I’ll remember, ideally using words from an existing domain of yours. Underscores are allowed. Remember once you choose a name you can’t change it without creating a new account!

2. Keep your content current and fun. Most people are visual and making a strong first impression with your MySpace design when a visitor comes to your page is important. Just as important is the strength and relevancy of your content, so keep those blogs and bulletins coming.

3. Choose your top 8 with care. Oddly, it is a significant factor in how people perceive your account. You may want to include certain organizations or groups which speak to your purpose or cause. You might also consider asking for a top friend exchange with someone who would return the favor and bring some extra traffic to your page.

4. Keep in touch with your network. We want news. We want gossip. We want the latest pic. So keep us in the loop through your blog, bulletin, a friendly comment or personal message. Don’t forget to add your website link too!

5. Remember, MySpace is “a place for friends.” Be a nice MySpacer.

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