A custom, truly unique and creative website allows the web viewer the initial positive response required within the first few seconds of viewing a site, which keeps the viewer interested and then moves him or her along inside the site to actually view it. Anything short of unique, interest grabbing, creative, visually stimulating content upon first look at a website, usually does not elicit a second look and thus eliminates the possibility this surfer will buy your product or service. I will always believe that the BEST website is a Truly Unique Custom Website that does not look like any other competing site on the Search Engines. It is putting the proverbial best foot forward.

Suppose, for instance, you are looking for a unique and original gift for a friend for his Christmas gift. Suppose the prior year you came up with a really special, neat, unique, original present that your friends still talks about. Getting your friend that same gift this year is no longer unique and original. It has already been done. This time it is simply redundant. Customizing your website is instrumental in setting your business apart from the competition. It conveys the idea to your customers that you are different and unique. It literally sets you apart in a way that is positive to your viewer and will attract rather than lose the viewers attention.

You continually hear the phrase “dress to impress,” when meeting new people you put on your best outfit, so that the initial impression you make will be a good one. In the military they wear their dress blues with all the medals This procedure works very well in creating a website too, you dress it up in a unique and creative way, in effect you give it it’s best outfit, and you get that initial response from people that you are looking for, and that you need. It creates a specific identity to your product line or service. To get people to notice your business as being different and exceptional is a big plus, especially for an online business because the Internet sees many new businesses everyday and the competition is simply fierce.

It is so much more advantageous to use a well-orchestrated custom web design for your online business that it really cannot be overestimated. First impression is the best salesperson for any online business and an original, well designed, website offers that firm initial handshake that every business owner strives to give his customers: the feeling of being truly welcome. Your truly unique website will stand out and put you on the “world wide web map” for your product or service. If you truly want business from the Internet there is only one thing to do: build a unique and original website. The more creative and impressive your website is the more likely you will be given the honor of residing perpetually in the “favorites” folder of many of your customers which can lead to the nirvana of all business experiences: repeat business.

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