When developing for the www, 1 aspect of the web site that requires painstaking consideration is color. deciding on colors absent of reasoning or know-how could deter users from the web site. electing the suitablecolors with reasoning and information could govern to a greater web site.

Knowing some color psychology and symbolism is key in knowing what colors affect people in certain ways. color perception is strongly linked to emotions and feelings such as happiness, sadness and lust.

colors can also effectively display contrast and emphasise sections of a webpage that you may want the user to interact with such as a promotion box or a purchase button.

Here’s some of the most popular colors and how they make people feel.

White is a very minimalist color. associated with simplicity, purity & cleanliness, it can be used to emphasise images.

Yellow is associated with comfort, liveliness, energy & joy. it is a lively color that can be used to highlight certain areas on a webpage.

The color red can conjure up feelings of lust, courage & strength. it is a strong color & if used in small doses, it’s commendable for emphasising issues.

The color red is a really evocative color & it conjures up thoughts of hell, love, fire & warning. it’s probably the best color to draw attention.

White can create contrast by being used as a background color. the white parts in between components of a web page are referred to as negative space. White is linked with cleanliness, peace & light.

Black is a really strong color & is linked to sexiness, intensity & elegance. it’s a really popular color on photography sites, as black creates heightened contrast with colors within photos.

Just like green, brown is associated with mother earth, calm and relaxation. there’s a trend to use wood as a background color to give the feel of the environment & organics.

Pale grey is commonly used to create shiny gradient effects in web design. The color might be associated with refinement, stability and boredom.

In designing websites, purple is an underused color, perhaps because it can be perceived as a girly color. it’s also associated with royalty, romance and wisdom.

Grey can be an odd color as it is not strong. it can be used to create sophisticated, classy and calm websites. it’s used heavily on technology websites.

It’s evident that colors don’t just make a website look beautiful, but they also have an effect on user experience & can dictate how successful a site can be. getting the colors right can evoke a website that users can discover & will make them more willing to use, explore & promote the website to pals. getting the colors wrong can accidentally put users off & have them leave your site for somebody elses.

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