Links are essential components of web design on the web. Due to professional web design techniques, links can be used effectively on a web page. Without links there would be no way to find pages on the internet. Most links you see lead to pages that you probably don’t know. On the other hand, professional web design solutions can make pages interlink appropriately on a web site. For instance, on a book web site, when you click on the category ‘Horror Books’ you come across all the books related to horror.

If you use the internet frequently, you most probably know what a link is. A link is an area of a web page that can take you to another web page or to another page on the same web site when you click on it. Professional web design solutions may be used to make links work effectively. It could create a wrong impression in the users’ minds if they click on a link that takes them to a wrong page. Thanks to professional web design techniques, links can be represented both as texts or images. Text links are normally underlined in a different colour from the surrounding text. Such links normally change colour when you move your mouse pointer over them. It’s sometimes possible to alter their looks by using professional web design solutions such as CSS. But you should restrict from using a lot of CSS as this can confuse your visitors.

Moreover, in navigation, links may be styled using professional web design techniques like CSS. Normally in navigation, links are not underlined as in texts but are rather made to look like buttons. If you have several links that are related, it could be worthwhile to put them in an unordered list. Links can be considered as one of the simplest HTML tags to use. Links contain two parts. The and tags tells the browser where the link starts and ends. Then the href=’’ ’’ indicates the browser where the link points to. Additionally, if you plan to build a web site for your business, you may probably want to receive enquiries from potential customers. In this case the use of professional web design can become imperative. Due to the use of professional web design, you can end up adding a link to your email address to allow people to contact you.

Any professional web design program can let you add an email address to your page. You may even write the HTML code yourself by using the tag as you would with a normal link. Instead of linking to a web address, you link to the email address by inserting the letters mailto: in front of it so that the browser can read it’s an email. However, a drawback of putting your email address on your web site is that you could get a lot of spam. Spam is unwanted emails that automatically flood your mailbox. So, you may have to make the use of professional web design techniques to hide your email address from spammers.

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