Anomaly Models

Gather the most talented models with diverse ethnic backgrounds.

Anomaly Models runs a boutique model management company specializing in editorial, high fashion, beauty and print modeling.

The company’s mission is to help top fashion houses and consumer brands find the most suitable models and help models achieve their personal development goals. Their markets include but not limited to New York, Los Angeles, Cape Town, Milan, Paris, London and Shanghai to name a few.

Anomaly Models sees an increase in business quotes after a website redesign and search engine optimization.



By showcasing their beautiful model pictures, our client is set up to drive more business with their website as an incredible tool to promote their talents to top fashion houses, consumer brands who need print modeling. In the meanwhile, our clients also hope to discover more talents by encouraging individual models or artists to submit applications through their website.


Without a strong presence in the local community, it was impossible for Anomaly Models to stay afloat in the modelling management business. Anomaly has to increase its brand awareness and grow the foundation of its distinctive models at the same time with the aid of a strong online presence.


To increase brand equity and online reach, RK web design team members focused on solid content building and user engagement. We helped our client create a highly usable, searchable and browsable model catalogue with easy social sharing options and clear conversion points to contact for a quote.
In addition, by redesigning the website with a luxury feel and responsive layout and implement onsite search engine optimization, we helped grow social engagement and nurture resulting referral traffic for our client.