Baruch College New Student Orientation

Familiarize yourself before you embark a new journey.

Baruch College New Student Orientation website is dedicated to offering new students information about the college and help them adapt to the new college life seamlessly.


New enrolled students are encouraged to check the orientation website regularly so that they can get well prepared before they enter the college.


RK web design team needed to take care of different needs from different audience including students and orientation givers. Due to the nature of limited staff, orientation organizers hoped students can get aware of all the necessary information before they came to office. In the other hand, students were eager to know as much as details before they embarked the college journey. Therefore, we worked with all the stakeholders of this project side by side in order to design a solid wireframe and information architecture.


In order to meet the intentions of different audience, RK web design team did an intensive marketing research survey, in which we interviewed hundreds of students and faculty staff. The survey results fueled the long-term strategy and architecture of this complex site.

RK web design team worked together with our clients. We gave a mock design to our clients and waited for approval. Our working process is pretty flexible, and our web design and development professionals will make instant changes to meet clients’ needs. Template format was also given so that Baruch college can update their content on their end.


With students’ interests putting first throughout our project, we designed our site as a practical and easy-to-use handbook for students to seek for academic advice.