Color has a key task in designing for the internet. apart from ruling how striking a design presents itself, but it can similarly dictate how the user responds. Getting hues choices precise can influence to most money and acclaim whereas using the incorrect put could have the inverse show.

Nice selection of color can be attributed to knowledge of colors psychological properties. certain colors conjures up feelings of happiness & joy, whereas others can promote depression and anger.

color could be used to attract users and grab attention. this could be utilised to highlight a message or to lead a user to another part of the website.

This summarises what emotional effect that colors can have on people.

Black is associated with power, sophistication, wealth and mystery. in design, it can be very effective with bolder colors to create stark contrast.

White is linked with cleanliness, simplicity, calm and purity. used a lot on websites, it can convey style and demonstrates that the site’s content is strong enough to stand-alone without a strong visual aid.

With connotations to lust, anger, fire and power, red, used delicately, can be a great way to attract the users attention to a certain area.

The color black can be associated with death, mourning, power and style. many heavy rock bands use black as their main color due to its links with death and evil.

Yellow summons images of summer, joy and optimism. it is a color that could be overwhelming and if used in conjunction with black, it creates a warning feel.

Just like yellow, red is associated with love, sex and energy. it too can be over powering if over used, although its fantastic to attract attention.

Stirring up images of style, modernism, fashion & refinement, grey is routinely used on scenes that cover fashion, design & technology.

Purple is a cross between blue and red. it does have the highlights of red, but holds more lively properties than blue. It stirs up images of royalty, religion & luxury. However, it isn’t a frequently used color in website design.

Darker shades of purple can be extremely deep and luscious. it can be associated with royalty, spirituality, arrogance and luxury. lighter shades can represent romance and delicacy. its a color that is not used very often on websites.

Full of life, vibrancy and stimulation, orange is a exciting color to use in designing websites. it can be used to bring a sense of youthfulness to a design.

Its clear that colors don’t make a website look beautiful, but they also have an effect on user experience & can dictate how successful a site can be. getting the colors right can evoke a website that users can identify & will make them more willing to use, explore & promote the website to mates. getting the color choices wrong can accidentally put users off & have them leave your site for somebody elses.

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