Real estate websites are one of the many types of websites on the Internet today. In fact, real estate business is currently witnessing a boom, where millions of transactions are taking place everyday. An effective real estate web design can quickly take your business to the next level.

A well designed real estate website can essentially become your personal virtual real estate marketer, providing useful consumer information and then convince them to be your eagerly purchasing customers.

Below are top proven real estate website designs that will transform your real estate website and catapult your sales conversion rate.


Given the competitiveness of the real estate sales industry, your real estate web site needs to be eye-catching, inviting, highly interactive and functional.


The more content you provide, the more they will linger. With a great content, your real estate website will eventually convert visitors to subscribers or customers.

Include Pictures

Pictures provide confidence and trust. If you provide a visible option, you can earn a real client. People want to see what they are buying and this is especially so with real estate.

Display Price

Pricing is one of the important factors in real estate world. People want to know about the price range so that they can determine if they can afford the home or not. By giving a rough idea about the price range, a seller can expect to get better hits.

Instant Information

In this technology era, people want to have instant information. They want everything on the website along with an asking price. Make sure that you also include a “submit a question” link on your website so that potential buyers can ask about your different properties.

Information by location

If you provide real estate information by locations, you are likely to gain a lot. You can also create your own classification by categorizing the needs into different sections and provide the most beneficial information. Or you could separate real estate by zip code.

Generate Leads

Besides being an excellent source of information for the internet surfer, your real estate website design must also be customized in such a way that it will generate potential leads for you:

– Make sure your contact information is easy to find.
– Have your visitors signup for a newsletter on how to sell their home or how to purchase your first home.
– Display an interesting statistic or promotion and allow your visitors to request for more info.

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