Screen Resolution is defined as the number of individual pixels that fit within a given space. Screen Resolution is measured in pixels. It is always expressed as width x height. If we discuss about an 800×600 resolution, then 800 refers to the number of pixels that the monitor can display horizontally and the number 600 refers to the to the number of pixels that the monitor can display vertically . Screen Resolution is the most important thing that should be taken care of while designing a website. The basic facts that help in deciding the screen resolution when designing a website are :

1. 800×600 is the minimum resolution offered on most PCs and notebooks. 800×600 is also the
preferred viewing option for 14% of internet users.

2 The most popular resolutions used by approximately 60% of online users is 1024 x 768, followed
by 1280×1024 and other resolutions, with 26% of internet users.

It is essential to design your website that is compatible with all the resolutions. The process of designing for all resolutions involves using a “lowest-to-highest” resolution technique is important to set your working area or table width to a resolution within 800 x 600 in whichever web building tool you are using. A suitable area that is recommended for best viewing in a web browser on a 800 x 600 screen resolution is 770 x 560 . Having the recommended area will keep your pages user friendly and easy to read and also will alleviate horizontal page scrolling.

If a website is designed using the liquid design technique, then the web page adjusts to the size of the browser window and different screen resolutions automatically. All the web page elements rearrange themselves to suit the browser window or user’s screen resolution, if done correctly. If the web page is designed with fixed width and height, it will not adjust to the visitor’s browser window or screen resolution. If your website design is too wide for the visitor’s browser window a horizontal scroll bar will appear at the bottom of the browser window.

It’s always better to design the web pages in such a way that they are compatible with all resolutions, they will attract and keep visitors for a longer period of time on your website. The websites that are easy to use and read are more likely to attract customers. A website with a poor design and structure with horizontal scrolling drive away the visitors and potential buyers.

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