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Top 10 Ranking in Google

  • Do you own a small online business? Want to get more clients or customers?
  • Do you have a shopping cart or ecommerce site ? Seeking for more customers?
  • Do you want to increase your business profit in a small time?
  • Struggling to get more visitors to your site? Have lost a lot of money in PPC, but still no good result?
  • Are you seeking popularity for your site in Internet for your website, so that people can know about your service?
  • Are you a lawyerand you want to get clients in your city, state, countrythrough web search engines?

The Solution: Obtain a Google top 10 natural ranking for your website. Select a set of SEARCH Terms or Keywords which is related to your business and obtain a TOP 10 RANKING in GOOGLE and also top 10 ranking in other famous search engine giants like YAHOO! MSN You will get a huge number of targeted visitors and traffic to your site in a very small time if you follow the advices given below.

The Steps to start Natural SEO or Search Engine Optimization on your website:

  • First choose your search terms or keywords which will be searched by your targeted visitors.
  • Be sure your search terms are frequently searched in Google YAHOO MSN and other search engines.
  • Follow SEO for your website for at least 3 months minimum.
  • Mind it SEO is not a overnight job. To stay longer in Google top 10 spend more time to SEO.
  • We think Google is the main search engine – so we mainly target Google top 10 ranking. But simultaneously we also provide YAHOO MSN etc top ranking.

Search Engine Optimization Service in New York

Natural Search Engine Optimization or Organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) makes your web site appear on the top search engines like Google, Yahoo!, and MSN when searched by keywords or relevant words to your products and services. Results are based on algorithms or rules that a search engine uses to rank the listings. For example, Yahoo! may rank the listings based on different words or keywords from those used by Google or MSN.

RK New York Web Design’s Search Engine Optimization Process involves in the act of altering text, title, meta tags, text links, and others in a website combined with other elements such as links from other websites. These elements must comply with the Search Engine’s algorithm.

The bright side of Natural Search Engine Optimization is that you do not have to pay the Search Engine when the user clicks on the link and visit your site. It is proven that high search engine ranking of your site brings more visitor and customers. However, it requires high skills and a lot of experience to learn about Natural Search Engine Optimization (SEO). If your website is new, it takes more than 6 months for your website to climb up to the top of Google listings. Besides, Search Engine provider changes their algorithms frequently – so you have to chase after it all the time.

RK New York Web Design Company’s strong Search Engine Optimization Team offers the Search Engine Optimization service that guarantees your website will appear on the top 20 in 3 major Search Engines with the total percentage of users reaching almost 100%.

Search Engine Optimization Procedure

  • Website Review and Competition Analysis
    RK Search Engine OptimizationExperts at New Yorkanalyze your website and your competitors that help us to understand the downsides of your site compared to the others.RK Search Engine Optimization Team analyze your Log File to get the idea on the number of visitors before Optimization and compare it with after our service.
  • Choosing Right Keywords
    RK Search Engine Optimization Teamanalyze and find keywords related to your business. RK Search Engine OptimizationSpecialists use sources such as WordTracker, Overture Keyword Selector Tool, and Google AdWords Keyword Tool to find most searched and effective keywords.
  • Page Optimization
    RK Search Engine OptimizationExperts optimize your website following search engine ethics, NO Spam. Our optimization is about the Title Tag, Meta Tags, Body text, Link structure, HTML/CSS Validation, and other proven search engine placement techniques.RK Search Engine Optimization Teamkeeps it in line with Google, Yahoo! and MSN algorithms.
  • Link Building
    One of the basic SEO depends on the quality and quantity of links from other websites directed to yours. It is very important to climb the rank of your site in Google, Yahoo! and MSN. MGMS team is able to use many of our partners’ websites exchanging links.
  • Manual Submission
    RK Search Engine OptimizationSpecialists manually submit your website to Google, Yahoo!, MSN and other major Search Engines. We create sitemap and use the newly released Google Sitemap to submit your site as frequently needed.
  • Analysis and Adjustment
    RK Search Engine OptimizationExperts monitor changes in Google, Yahoo! and MSN algorithms, and update your site according to them.RK Search Engine Optimization Team cares so that your website will always be on the top 20.
  • Campaign Tracking
    RK Search Engine Optimization Team use Web Analytics Software to track visitors from Natural Search Engine Optimization, and keep track of effective keywords and Search Engine.
  • Comprehensive Reporting
    RK Search Engine Optimizationservice includesreports your rankings in Google, Yahoo! and MSN and the number of links to your website monthly.

Website Promotion: Search Engine Ranking expert (Organic SEO) for top ranking in Google

Hire our SEO service and get top 10 search engine ranking in Google YAHOO! MSN. Getting a top 10 SEO ranking in GOOGLE is much tougher than other search engines. So we emphasize on Google. Also we provide other search engine top 10 ranking. Top ranking in Google (Organic or natural ranking. No PPC or sponsored ad or sponsored rank) for the search terms related to your business site means you get customers through out the GLOBE. It means a rapid increase in your business by natural search engine ranking specially in Google.

Obtain a natural or organic search engine ranking in Google YAHOO! MSN… Specially in Google.  Organic Search Engine Ranking means natural search engine ranking in YAHOO! Google – for some Search Terms or Keywords. ORGANIC Search Engine optimization does not need any payment to search engines for ranking, no sponsored ad, no pay per click or PPC . Are you struggling to get a NATURAL or ORGANIC Search Engine Ranking in Google YAHOO! MSN? Contact Us – SEO here

How the SEO is done? – We track your competitor websites in Google YAHOO! Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). Then we provide a better ranking by beating them. The SEO consultancy is done manually by Manual Link Building, Manual Keyword Track & Manual META Generation.  Web Directory and Search Engine Directory submission is done by SEO tools and through websites.

Keyword Based SEO consultants: Our SEO service will associate your website or webpage with a set of search terms, search phrases or keywords. This is known as KEYWORD based SEO Consultancy. Firstly we shall track how important your keyword is? What is the frequency of searching of those keywords in Internet Search Engines? We follow Google Adwords , WordTracker for keywords quality checking. Read more about SEO Keyword Analysis

What is the target of a SEO: When the search terms associated with your site will be searched in Google Yahoo MSN Lycos AltaVista for web searching, then your website will get a TOP 10 RANKING in the search engine result pages (SERP).

SEO Ranking in Google YAHOO MSN

We do all the SEO related activities for our clients stated above. So you don’t have to bother about anything related to SEO or top 10 ranking in Google YAHOO MSN if you hire our service. Its true that our SEO service is very cheap and its really very affordable SEO service for anybody.

What is Organic Search Engine Optimization (Organic SEO)?

Google started off in 1998 as a simple search engine like many others at the time.  A user types what they are looking for into the Google search box and Google then searches through its gigantic index of known web pages and tries to return the most relevant web pages to whatever the user typed in.  Because Google did such a good job of finding good relevant pages, it wasn’t long before they became THE trusted source for internet search.  These search results are now called the organic search results.  No company can buy the top listing, it’s purely the determination of Google which sites appear first for any given search term. This is, in fact, the core of Google’s business.  If they ever stop providing good relevant search results, internet searchers will go somewhere else to search.

Advantages of Organic Search

  • Visitors Are Free – Visitors that find you through organic search results are totally free, so there’s a very high Return on Investment on those clicks.
  • More Clicks – More searchers click in the organic search results than the PPC ads, so a #1 ranking in organic will bring you more targeted traffic than paying for #1 placement via PPC.
  • More Trust – Most searchers trust Google, and when they see that Google considers your site the #1 authority for their search term, most will inherently trust you as well, making it easier to convert those visitors into customers.
  • Less Long Term Financial Investment – The initial investment in an organic search campaign depends greatly on the competitiveness in your industry.  It’s important to think of it as a long term investment.  You won’t see immediate results, but by investing a little time and money each month, you can gradually build your site up to attract loads of free targeted traffic.

Disadvantages of Organic Search

  • Ranking Takes Time – You may start seeing noticeable traffic increases within a few weeks to a few months. It all depends on the competitiveness of your industry.
  • Requires Investment in Your Website – You’ll need to commit more of your time to get good organic rankings. With PPC, you simply drive visitors to a specific page and try to get them to convert. With organic search, you’ll need to build up a site full of good content that is useful to your visitors and portrays your company as the authority on the topic.

RK Organic Search Engine Optimization Portfolio

Organic SEO for Sonali Exchange (as of March 15, 2008):

KeyWords Google Yahoo MSN
Send Money to Bangladesh #1 #1 #1
Money Transfer to Bangladesh #1 #1 #1
Online Money Transfer to Bangladesh #1 #1 #1
Money Remittance to Bangladesh #1 #1 #1
Bangladesh Money Exchange #2 #2 #1
Money Exchange New York #15 #5 #1