If you are considering having an online presence just for family and friends or if you plan to put your business online, you may be wondering what type of website would work best. In most cases, you will first need to choose from a static or dynamic website. The majority of websites often have a combination of static and dynamic pages to offer more to their visitors.

Static Websites


– A more cost effective alternative to dynamic websites as they require less coding and design time

– Extremely low recurring monthly charges. A static website requires minimal maintenance, and pretty much the only cost you will incur consistently with a static website would be the net hosting fees

– Shorter turnaround time for website completion


– Relatively inflexible, as updates require some time and money, depending on the maintenance costs

– Is somewhat limited in design and business possibilities than a dynamic site

– Limited to uses where only basic information is needed

Dynamic Websites


– Has infinitely flexible update options

– Ability to constantly update web content, thus ensuring repeat user traffic

– Has the ability to engage the consumer to a greater degree than a static page

– Ability to store consumer data and records, enabling the business to centralize their online marketing


– Expensive to develop

– Requires extensive troubleshooting before deployment, which in turn means more development time

– Maintenance can be costly. Alternatively backend interfaces can be developed from where your staff can maintain the site, but this requires the development of a simplified user interface, which in turn requires extensive training for the staff.

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