Designing websites isn’t only about creating something alluring. There must to have thought supporting all design related choiceand one truly significant decision is what hues your web site should be. selection of color can be the differences in between the success and failure of a web site.

Being aware that a handful of colors can lead to an emotional response is key to choosing the right colors for a site. knowing what colors have a calming effect & which cause feelings of excitement can make choosing a color scheme very easy.

colors can also be used to create contrast & attention to a design. this can direct users to certain parts of a webpage.

There’s a guide below to how some colors affect human emotions & perceptions.

Black is associated with power, refinement, riches & mystery. in designing for the web, it can be used effectively with bolder colors to create good contrast.

White is associated with cleanliness, simpleness, calm & purity. used on websites a lot, it can convey a sense of style & indicates that the content of the site is strong enough to stand alone without the any strong visual aid.

With connotations to lust, anger, fire & power, red, used sparingly, can be a great way to direct the user’s attention to a certain area.

Associated with feelings of cold, royalty, peace and air, blue is the best-used color for corporate websites. Itcreates a very different reaction to red.

Green symbolises nature, environment, peace and luck. Green is a effective color to use for a calming effect.

Representative of joy, happiness, warning and energy, yellow has a similar impact to red, although it is not as popular. to can be used to emphasise areas of a site. However, if it’s used too much, it can be an overpowering color.

Stirring up feelings of style, modernism, fashion and refinement, grey is usually used on places that cover fashion, design and tech.

Purple is a blend of blue and red. it does have the highlights of red, but has more bold properties than blue. It stirs up images of royalty, religion and luxury. However, it isn’t a frequently used color in designing websites.

Brown, particularly the the lighter end can be very soothing. Beige is also a popular color in web design as it gives an earthy & relaxed feel. it might also mean tradition, poverty & mother earth.

Grey can be linked to elegance, innovation & the future. The paler side is similar to white in that it’s a great color to use on a website’s background to build a sense of space & modernism.

Knowing about what colors symbolise & their subconscious power can be of great benefit when designing sites. by knowing about the target audience, designers can choosing colors thoughtfully which connect to the end user thus making the site look attractive and appealing. E-commerce sites can be improved by pointing the user in the direction of the purchase now button by drawing attention and creating contrast.

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