When creating for the world wide web, an aspect of the web-site that requires painstaking attention is color. deciding on colors absent of reasoning or knowing could discourage internet users from the website. opting for the precisecolors with reasoning and understanding could actuate to a improved web-site.

Knowing some color psychology & symbolism is key to knowing which colors affect people in certain ways. color perception is linked strongly to emotions & feelings including happiness, sadness & lust.

colors can also emphasise contrast & emphasise bits of a webpage that you might want the user to see including a promotion box or a purchase button.

Here is some of the most popular colors & how they make people feel.

Red is linked to strength, fire, blood and passion. if it is used sparingly on a pale background color, it can be used to draw attention and emphasise.

Blue is the most frequently used color and it can denote confidence, loyalty and royalty. the darker end can mean strength whereas the lighter end can be used to represent fantasy and dream.

Green can be linked to feelings of durability, safety and harmony. it is also a perfect color to use to emphasise calm and relaxation.

The color red is a really evocative color & it stirs up thoughts of hell, love, fire & warning. its probably the most effective color to draw attention.

White can create contrast by being used as a background color. the sections of white inbetween components of a webpage are known as negative space. White is associated with cleanliness, peace & light.

Black is a really strong color & is associated with sexiness, strength & elegance. its a really popular color on photography web sites, because black creates striking contrast between colors within images.

Brown can be used to convey trust and honesty in a design. it can also be linked to old age, warmth and comfort.

Orange is linked with enthusiasm, creativity and stimulation. it can be used in web-site design to denote friendliness.

Brown, especially the the lighter end of the spectrum can be very calming. Beige is also a top color in web-site design as it provides an earthy and relaxed feel. it might also mean tradition, poverty and mother earth.

Grey can be linked to sophistication, innovation and the future. The paler side is similar to white in that it is a wonderful color to use on the background of a website to mould a sense of space and modernism.

The role of color is not just to make the site look nice, it can evoke feelings & emotions from the user. picking colors that annoy the end user can have damaging effects on your website, whereas cleverly choosing can mean that the website meets the user’s expectations.

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