If you have a website and want to get to the top of Google you will probably have heard of SEO. The whole process of SEO can seem a bit confusing but the aim of this article is to give you the basics and make it seem a lot simpler.

We have split the process of SEO into two major steps and if you follow these steps you will find you can get to the top of Google in an efficient way.

Step 1: Optimise Your Content

It is important to make sure your content is great for your customers but also written in a way so that the search engines will want to index it. We have put together a list of things to do to ensure you write great content for visitors and Google.

  1. Write your content as though you are speaking. Make it personal so that the reader thinks you are speaking to them. This will make your content much more readable which is something Google checks as well.
  2. Decide on 2 or 3 keywords for each page on your website. These should be the keywords that you optimise your page for. It is much easier if you cap your keywords as it will allow you to focus you campaign on the right words.
  3. You should aim to have each keyword appear with a density of about 3%. So work out how many words you have on your page and ensure that you do not exceed the 3% limit for your keywords. It is a good idea to ensure each keyword appears at least 4 times on your web page.
  4. Do not write too much. It is best to keep your web pages short and sweet. Try to keep the number of words on each page limited to 600 as if you go much over that you will find people feel over whelmed and will not read it. Also Google will only index a certain number of words, if your pages are too long Google won’t read it all either.
  5. Include your keywords in anchor text that links to another page. This is the text that you click and it takes you to another page. This helps to show the search engines that it is really important.

These are only the basics but if you do the above you will be a long way towards great SEO content.

Step 2: Build Links

The main things to consider when building links are:

  1. The links coming into your site should be from pages that contain content that is relevant to your website.
  2. You should try and get links from web pages with high PageRank as the higher the PageRank the more a site is seen as an authority. It will also help to increase your PageRank to make you look like more of an authority.
  3. Include your keywords in the anchor text of the link. This will tell Google what you are about and so increase your chance of being listed for these words. This is probably the most important point so make sure you pay close attention to your anchor text.
  4. Make sure your links appears in a relevant sentence and is not just a collection of words. You need to make sure it looks as relevant as possible.
  5. Use variations of your link text to make sure you do not look like you are producing duplicate content.
  6. Don’t bother with reciprocal links they will not count for anything.

Following the above steps will be a good start to your SEO campaign and you might see yourself move up the Google rankings quick than you expect.

Article Source: http://articleaddict.com