Web sites aren’t just looked at. Most importantly people interact with them. So, one of the main ways to do this is by clicking on links. If you want your web site to achieve its goals, it is important that the site is easy to use. An easy to use web site can be achieved by carefully calculating its web design. At the same time, you have to make sure that your links and navigation will let your users have a good experience of your site.

It is however vital to put yourself in the shoe of your visitors when you perform the web design. Ask yourself what kind of people your users are and what would they want to do with your web site. Once you get these answers, you will then be able to know how you can alter your web design. Not doing this prior to your web design may let your web site be an error prone one, where user needs are not met. You could use some web design features to encourage your users dig inside your site. These include a well positioned search box, a breadcrumb trail or giving people alternative ways to obtain the same information.

An important aspect of web design is the creation of forms. Online forms are a way for your visitors to send you information. They are very similar to the printed forms that you have to fill whenever you are applying for a credit card or a job. In fact, nowadays, many people use online forms to apply for a job or open a bank account. As with the printed form, the user will send you the information by validating the web form. However, rather than mailing it, the data is sent electronically over the Internet. As it is received electronically, you can do a lot of things with the information you receive from a web form. For instance, you could add it to a database, mail it or even accept money from the customer’s credit card or bank account. As such, good web design techniques will provide clear and understandable forms so that users do not get confused.

Furthermore, after you have filled in an online form, you submit it by clicking on a submit button. The form then sends the information you have entered to a computer program on the web server. The program may actually form part of web design as it will be written in PHP, ASP or Java among others. It will often be linked to a database like MySQL, Access or Oracle. What happens afterwards will depend entirely on what the server side program has been created to do. For example, the program could send you an email, add your contact information to a database or even book you into a hotel.

Using the right web design solutions can be very effective. As seen, if well created, forms can be very powerful. Good web design will easily be recognized by looking at the way a form is represented on a specific page.

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