Message boards are a fantastic way to get people to return to your web site day after day. Orienting your web design in such a way can create a lot of traffic in and out of your site. Not only are members of your message board community likely to use the rest of your site, but other people are more likely to come across your site through Google. However, when you create a message board, do the web design in a simple and understandable way. Like that, people would easily know how to post a message.

Message boards aren’t right for every site. But it is not meant for bored teenagers to use. Message boards work well where there is a community of people with a common interest and who want to share ideas. The common interest can be anything from supporting a football club to admiring a rock star. Message boards are as well a good way to promote the expertise of your business, as well as helping potential through an ‘ask the experts’ section. Anyone can post on a message board but they might not have the best interests of your business at heart. Having moderators who can edit or delete people’s posts is essential. You can also set a software up in your web design to delete certain words such as swear words.

Starting a message board is a lot easier and less expensive than you might expect. In fact, there are several free message boards available such as Vanilla or ASP DEV. To run a message board, your server should support a programming language such as ASP or PHP and a database like MySQL or Access. However, the installation process can be done fairly easily. ASP and PHP are both used in web design, so should not be a problem for you to make the server work effectively. Additionally, the internet is full of ways to waste time. However, if people are going to waste time, don’t you want them to do it on your site?

As any parent can tell you, computer games can be very addictive. Likewise, if you succeed to mould your web design to accommodate a good game on your site, you will see a lot of people coming back time and again. Of course, people would not get addicted to any sort of game. So, before you alter your web design to include games, you may have to make a research about the games that are mostly played on the web. As such, people are unlikely to be impressed by a health and safety crossword or yet another version of Tetris.

Online games don’t come cheap. Most use Flash and require extensive web design skills to be able to integrate it successfully in the web site. High quality web design and illustration is also required. So, unless you are immensely talented you will hire a web design company that has experience in creating online games. However, if you have got the resources, online games are a powerful way to enhance your web design and hence pump traffic to your web site.

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