It is with a great web design that you will be able to create a good impression on your site’s visitors. In fact, the success of your website is greatly dependent on how it attracts visitors and how much user friendly it is. It is not enough to just drop and drag pictures for an effective web design, lots of thought and forethought is required to get the perfect design for your website.

The most important point to consider when creating your web design is the concept of your site and what you intend to propagate through the website. All this has to be done before you actually start working on your web design. If your website is to be a personal website, consider how you intend to show your personality and style; and if it is a commercial website, choose the design depending on how you intend to broadcast your products and services. With a lot of forethought, you will be able to choose the right theme for the website, and save lots of headaches.

Use positive points of other websites in your web design

Research to find out what other websites with similar objectives look like and you will get ideas for your web design. Look at websites and keep its positive and negative points in mind so that you can eliminate the negative but use the positive points in your web design.

Once you get an idea of what your web design is to look like, you will have to plan your site. Do this by drawing a sitemap to see how you want your site to work, and which links you intend to use so that the site works as you wish it to work. You save lots of time this way, and give you an idea of your future website.

When creating your web design, remember that it has to be user friendly to be successful on the internet. Lay the site in as clear and a logical manner as possible to ensure that your site is easy to navigate.

Minimum images in the web design facilitate faster downloading of web pages.

If you use tables in your web design, it is better to break your page into a minimum of two tables instead of using a single table. This is because a single table takes longer to download; moreover with two tables, you can have an introduction to your web page in the first table so that visitors don’t get impatient with a long wait.

Use minimum images on your web page where each page should be limited to 30kb including text, images and background images but devoid of plug-ins. This ensures that visitors need not wait more than 5 seconds for the page to load. Use navigation bars in your web design to help visitors know where they are in your website.

Last, but not least, don’t forget to use Meta tags in your web design as they are recognized by search engines and help in bringing more hits to your website. However, your description should be short and concise and not loaded with keywords to ensure that you have a successful web design.

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