In the last five years, the ways to market and represent your brand online have increased exponentially. The advent of rich media technology, coupled with increasingly flexible and design oriented development software has opened up a myriad of different avenues for brands looking to maximize their online presence.

This has also resulted in copious amounts of clutter and confusion. It’s a knee jerk reaction for every entrepreneur; costs notwithstanding, to have the most awe-inspiring web presence that they can have. However, the number of different websites and web technologies make it imperative for us to know them fully before we can decide which one would be fully compliant to our business.

Static Websites:

The type of website your business should have depends directly on the type of business you run or the service you provide. For service oriented businesses (i.e. contractors, consultancy firms, design firms, interior decorators etc.) it is usually advisable to go with a static website, as these sites stay the same.

There are two different categories of static websites, HTML and Flash. Both are capable of having images, sounds, streaming videos

Normally, these are for those that have only one product to sell or a service and will not be changing the information very often. Most of these websites will offer an about us page (explaining who you are or about your company or business, a services pages (outlining the services you provide) or product page (outlining the products you have available), and a contact page (with address, telephone number, email address). Such websites are also referred to as Classic or brochure website. These pages will not need to be changed and will provide you with a basic presence on the internet.

Dynamic Websites:

If the content will be changing all the time you may wish to have a dynamic database driven website. In most cases, webmasters or members add information to the website, thus there will always be new content on the website. E.g. The website is updated with new products every second. This will not be possible is eBay was being maintained as a static website.

Community websites are a hot topic today with all the various types of communities on the internet from match-making to job search, from discussion boards to special niche communities such as pet owner or even more specific, cats. The type of community website you wish to have depends once again on what you wish your visitor to do whether you wish for them to have the ability to chat, upload photos, or post their comments.


Some websites are a hybrid of both. They may have static pages designed to allow customers to learn about the company and its products or services, flash animations to impress visitors along with other features such as shopping carts or CMS. This will allow visitors to shop and purchase the products or services while visiting the website.

As mentioned earlier, different business needs dictate different design needs. Both of these approaches to web design have their pros and cons which your design firm can help outline.

Before making a decision what kind of a website you need, it is best to talk with professionals that have the knowledge to convert your website dreams into reality and provide all the features and benefits you desire for your customers, family, or friends.

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