If you regularly give people something for free on your web site, you could be sure that they would come back and visit you from time to time. Many stock photography sites like istockphoto.com let registered members download a free photo every week. This costs the web site virtually nothing but it means people come back regularly so that when they need to buy a photo they are more likely to choose that site over another one. However, web design also plays a determining role to encourage people to visit you back.

If you have an online business that sells books or CDs it may not be a good idea to give a free copy frequently. Nonetheless, you could offer sample chapters or give visitors the chance to win one of your products in a contest. Of course you do not have to bribe people so that they return to your site. You could offer them a web design tool for example or even an e-book that they might find useful. When you offer your visitors a freebie, it can be useful to ask their email addresses. Like that when you update your web site or enhance your web design features, you can contact them. But you have to make sure that you ask them their permission first.

If your site stays the same week in week out, people are unlikely to visit it more than a few times. Once they have read everything, they would not want to return. So, if you want people to keep coming back to your web site, you need to offer them something new each time. A regularly updated news page not only gives your visitors new content but it also reassures them that your site is up to date. In this case you have to employ web design solutions that let you update your web site regularly. Also, you can hire a professional copywriter to write quality content for you. On the other hand, you might as well hire a web design company and pay them for regular updates.

Furthermore, to enhance the usage of your site, you could add an RSS feed to your web design. RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. It is an easy way for people to access their favourite content without having to download the unnecessary parts of a web page such as the images or navigation. Such web design solutions could be very effective as people do not lose time waiting for unwanted contents to load. Thus the process is straightforward. To be able to use RSS in your web design, a program called aggregator is needed. Some browsers such as Firefox lets you read RSS feeds or you can download a special program called Feed Demon.

Many sites now offer an RSS feed of their news pages as it encourages people to come back to the site they site. This is a clue about how the web design industry has evolved these days. Including an RSS feed in your web design isn’t hard and you might have to do some coding.

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