Color plays an important role in design, especially in web design. many companies use websites as a sales tool & using the right colors can mean increased sales, however getting the colors wrong can mean that less users & fewer sales.

Finding out about the psychology of color is vitally important for web designers if they want to create a successful website. This is because different colors affect humans in various ways, & can influence moods & emotions. because of this your color choice could upset your users if you don’t get it right.

color could also be used to guide users to a specific area of the page. For example, you may want a user to click the purchase button, so making it stand out is extremely vital.

Here is a guide to how various colors influence & affect people:

Blue can represent depth, professionalism, trust and honour. Dark blue is used by multitude corporate firms although this color can also be seen as cold.

Black is about power, style, evil and mourning. heavy metal bands frequently use backgrounds that are black because of its association with the dark side and anger.

Yellow can represent riches, joy optimism and energy. Using yellow in designing for the world wide web is a great way to highlight certain components from the rest of the web site.

Yellow can be a wonderful color to bring attention to certain bits of a web page. It can be linked to joy, happiness and summer.

Black is a very popular color for backgrounds because it shows off other colors very well. it is associated with feeling of sexiness, style, elegance and power.

White is very popular in design web sites love interior design and graphic design. it can create a feeling of balance and space. it is linked to peace, simplicity, purity and light.

Evoking feelings of style, modernism, fashion and refinement, grey is routinely used on scenes that deal with fashion, design and technology.

Purple is a blend of blue and red. it does have the highlights of red, but has more lively properties than blue. It stirs up thoughts of royalty, religion and luxury. However, it isn’t a frequently used color in designing for the world wide web.

The darker side of purple can be really deep and luscious. it can be linked to royalty, spirituality, arrogance and luxury. the lighter end of the spectrum can stand for romance and delicacy. its a color that’s not really used much on sites.

Full of energy, vibrancy and stimulation, orange is a wonderful color to use in designing for the internet. it can be used to bring youthfulness to a design.

color’s role is not just to make the site look nice, it can evoke feelings & emotions from the end-user. picking colors that agitate the site user can have damaging effects on your website, while cleverly picking may mean that the website meets user expectation.

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