Designing websites is not only about constructing something elegant. There requires to have reasoning backing every single design connected decision and an very vital decision is what colours your web site should be. decision of colours might be the difference between the prosperity and failure of a web site.

Knowing that sometimes colours can lead to emotional reactions is the key to picking the right colours for a website. knowing which colours have a calming effect & which cause feelings of excitement can make choosing a colour scheme very easy.

Colours can also be used to create contrast & emphasis to a design. this can be used to direct users to specific bits of a website.

There’s a guide below to how some colours affect emotions & perceptions.

Blue can mean depth, professionalism, trust and honour. Dark blue is used by plenty corporate firms but this colour can also be seen as cold.

The colour black is about power, elegance, evil and mourning. metal bands regularly use backgrounds that are black due to its association with the dark side and anger.

Yellow can represent wealth, joy optimism and energy. Using yellow in designing web-sites is a excellent way to make components stand out from the rest of the website.

The colour black can be linked to death, mourning, power & style. numerous metal bands use black as their predominant colour due to its associations with death & evil.

Yellow summons up thoughts of summer, joy & optimism. it’s a colour that can be overwhelming & if used in conjunction with black, it creates a feeling of warning.

Like yellow, red is associated with love, sex & energy. it can also be overpowering if overused, although it’s fabulous to attract attention.

Brown can be used to express honesty and trust in a design. it can be linked to ageing, warmth & comfort.

Orange is related to enthusiasm, creativity & stimulation. it is used in designing for the world wide web to indicate friendliness.

Orange is very youthful although also warm, stimulating and friendly. used in sites, it’s also welcoming.

Grey is a popular colour for backgrounds for web sites. just like black, its striking for showing off images and it creates striking contrast between colours.

Hhaving knowledge of the psychology of colour could give designers the upper hand when you’re designing a client site. simply knowing which colours create which effects can make a site successful. there is nothing worse than creating a great-looking site but does not connect with the site user. using colour cleverly to create feeling, contrast and balance can change a boring website into a great one.

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