Color is important to design, especially in web design. multitude outlets use websites as a sales tool and using the correct colors can lead to more sales, but getting the color choices wrong can mean that less users and decreases in sales.

Understanding how color works is vitally important for designers if they want to make a successful site. This is because different colors affect people in a variety of ways, and can influence emotions & moods. this means that your choice of color could upset your users if you get it wrong.

color can also be used to direct users to a specific area of the page. For example, you may want a user to click the buy now button, which means that making it stand out is really important.

Here is a guide to how various colors influence and affect people:

Black is associated with power, refinement, riches & mystery. in designing for the web, it can be very effective with livelier colors to create good contrast.

White is linked with cleanliness, simpleness, calm & purity. used on websites a lot, it can convey a sense of style & demonstrates that the website’s content is strong enough to stand alone without the any strong visual aid.

With connotations to passion, anger, fire & power, red, used delicately, can be a good way to direct the user’s attention to a certain area.

Yellow can be a fantastic color to bring attention to certain bits of a web page. It can be linked with joy, happiness and summer.

Black is a very popular background color as it shows off other colors really well. it is associated with feeling of sexiness, style, elegance and power.

The color white is very popular in design websites love interior design and graphic design. it creates a feeling of balance & space. it is linked to peace, simplicity, purity and light.

Orange is a color that’s linked to vibrancy, heat, fire & energy. A healing color, it could be used in designing for the internet to demonstrate openness.

Purple isn’t a really popular color in designing for the internet, because it is perceived as quite girly & can give the impression of arrogance, wealth, luxury & indulgence.

Orange is truly young however also warm, stimulating and friendly. used in web sites, it can also be welcoming.

Grey is a popular background color for sites. just like black, its effective for showing off images and it creates effective contrast between colors.

The role of color isn’t just to make a website look good, it can provoke feelings & emotions from the target audience. selecting colors that agitate the site user can have detrimental effects on your web site, whilst cleverly selecting could mean that the web site meets user expectation.

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