Web Banners are probably the most common marketing/advertising medium on the web today. A web banner is just that – an advert at the top of a webpage in the shape of a banner, sometimes with eye-catching animation. A web banner is often placed on other websites to advertise YOUR own website, to gain more audience via other existing websites. Web banners are designed to drive traffic to a website and account for 54% of total online advertising revenue. Web banners are interactive online advertisements, displayed as a graphical image with a clickable link that usually appears at the top or bottom of a webpage, or is positioned to the side in a margin reserved for ads. But love them or hate them—web banners are a major part of the life and breath of the internet today. Many webmasters (or even novice web designers) choose to display a graphic image, or web banner, at the top of their web pages to “tell” the web page visitor what to expect on that page.


If you are a graphic designer or an experienced webmaster, creating web banners for your website is a simple procedure. If you have highly relevant, cleverly designed banners, you can beat the odds. Whenever possible, include headshots into your banner design. Remember that Graphic images take time to download, so when designing a banner pay attention to its file size. When you’re designing your ad, try to visualize it already on the web page. Punch Line: Before designing your web banner spend some time to create an effective punch line; something that encourage viewer to click on the banner. Use the word “free” or “click here” in your banner: Use of “free” or “click here” word in your web banner design can increase CTR (click through ratio). Multiple Banner Design: Use multiple banners for your ad campaign. The banner content and design is prepared taking into consideration your target audience. Banner designing is a job that requires great skill, creativity, hard work, passion and expertise.


Compared to static banner, an animated banner design can greatly increase a banner’s CTR. Other sites linking to your web page through an animated banner will not only bring you more traffic, but sales as well. The main problem with animated banner is slow load time. Note: The JPG image format does not support animation hence you cannot have an animated JPG banner. These banners are animated GIFs created in Photoshop. Like most budget conscious businesses, you can always create free animated banners using online generators.


Web banners are usually a specified shape and pixel size. Recommended (not mandatory standard) web banners sizes for publication in this project are:Full Banner: 468 x 60 pixels Half Banner: 234 x 60 Micro Bar: 88 x 31 Button 1: 120 x 90 Button 2: 120 x 60 Vertical Banner: 120 x 240 Square Banner: 125 x 125 Leaderboard: 728 x 90. Banners can be made in any size or color, but the standard sizes are recommended. Standard web banners are normally (468 pixels x 60 pixels) in size and provide an instant link to your advertised page.


Create images that look good and are as compact as they can be. Note: The JPG image format does not support animation hence you cannot have an animated JPG banner. The web banner is usually constructed from an image (GIF or JPEG), or JavaScript or Flash program, and is usually placed on web pages at the top, bottom, or in the side margins. The advantage of Graphic over text is human beings tend to be more responsive to visual images rather than just plain text. It takes a lot of time and team efforts to create an effective and nice small image to present the entire web site. Let our talented designer create an eye catching image, to match your brand, products and services.

Web banners are the first thing a visitor to your website sees. A well designed professional banner should quickly portray your web sites image or brand, and leave a lasting impression of your business, website, products and services. Web banners are an essential part of any web site. Web banners are an excellent way to drive internet traffic to your website.

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