When users visit your web site, you should have an action in mind which you want them to take. For example, you might want your users to click on the buy now button or contact your sales department. So, for your web site to respond in the appropriate manner, it is important that your web design does the same. That is, you have to keep in mind the action while performing the web design.

It can somehow be difficult to assume that your visitors would know by themselves what you want them to do. Therefore, you need to ask them. As a matter of fact, you should put a call to action on your pages like a buy now button or a message saying to call you on a specific number. It is crucial that people notice the call to action. In this case, your web design may do the job for you. Good web design will let users see the call to action clearly. You should know that web design is about attaining the goals you had set for your web site. So, you have to eliminate elements of doubt you have before settling on creating your web design.

Moreover, the best place to put the call to action is below the content. But you are free to put the call to action in other places on a web page provided that it appears more distinguished than the content. For example, an ‘add to cart’ button can be designed in a brighter colour or in another shape so that users see it more easily. A good practice to test your web design is to print out your web pages and show them to some of your potential customers. You may ask them to look at the pages for some seconds and then ask them about their impression. Should they fail to notice your call to action, then you have to improve your web design features.

Furthermore, if you asked anyone to list the most beautiful and attractive web sites on the internet, few may come up with Google, MySpace or Yahoo. Nonetheless, these companies may be worth billions of dollars. This indicates that style has less to do regarding the success of a web site. A web site can become successful depending on the quality of services and information it provides. That is exactly what web sites such as Yahoo and Google do. Likewise to correctly placing the call to action, these sites know how to offer people what they want. Web design has a big hand in this. However, if you do not have a good concept, a user friendly web site, an effective marketing and a reliable navigation system among many others, your web site may fail to achieve its goals.

In other words, web design is a crucial aspect that can lead you to success. Web sites that aim too much on looking good rather than providing a service of quality and an easy to use system most of the times fail.

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