It is relatively easy to get people come to your web site. However, it is much harder to get them stay on it for a long time and then come back repeatedly. As such, your web design can play an important role to determine this. Web designers call a site that is able to keep visitors and attract them back sticky. If you want your web site to be sticky, you need web design features that your target audience will want to use repeatedly.

Most business web sites have pages with names like home, contact us and about us. Including pages like these in your web design makes a lot of sense as people like straightforward and easy to understand content. But if that’s all you have got on your web site you cannot expect the same users to visit you from time to time. For your site to become sticky, it depends both on web design and the target audience. If your web site is aimed at teenagers, then games, contests and mobile phone ringtones might drive them back. On the other hand, if you are aiming at retired people, your web design features should effectively match their needs.

Moreover, the main thing while performing web design is to try to think from the user’s point of view. It could be even better if you ask them. You could ask them questions such as: What problems do they face? What have they come to your web site looking for? Is there anything that would make them return even if they didn’t want to buy something? Having got the answers, you now know what your users would be expecting from you. With this, you may then settle down and perform a web design of quality. If your web site offers visitors something useful or entertaining, they are much more likely to come back. On the other end, they might not be interested to come back if you have an online shop like all your competitors.

Let’s assume that your web site sells video games and consoles. You have got a striking web design, an easy to use online shop and affordable prices. However, if you also provide tips and cheats for all your games, gamers would want to visit your web site more frequently to get all these stuffs. If you offer a good service, they will turn back to you whenever they want to buy a new game. Thus, with the help of a good web design and a good service, you can build a solid traffic. Once you have the traffic, you know that people trust you. So, if ever you decide to do another business, you can use this same traffic to become successful.

People love a freebie. One of the best ways to get people to return to your web site regularly is to give them something for nothing. Having a good web design is essential in such a case as people will also look at the features in your web site before deciding whether to come back or not. Having a professional web design could instill some confidence in the user’s mind.

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