Looks are a minor factor to determine the success of most web sites. Should you aim much at making your web site look beautiful rather than setting web design qualities such as usability, content and customer service, your site can fail to achieve its goals. On the other hand, if you create an easy to use web site with good web design features, you can be on for a bright start on the web. Even if your site looks average, try to make the web design in such a way that it succeeds. Then, you can change its look to make it more appealing.

Nobody wants to have a web site that looks bad and on top of that boring. Therefore, it could be worthwhile looking at ugly sites and then trying to do the complete opposite. There are many sites on the web that do not have the exquisite style but are by far the fastest money making ones. Some examples are Google and MySpace. Their key quality may lie in their web design and their services they offer. They have the knowledge what people exactly want. So, they use this knowledge to build on their success. However, in most cases the solution to successful web design is to use an appropriate layout and structure. Then adding all this up with a touch of graphic design can make the web site look attractive. In other words, you have to put the icing on the cake.

Moreover, carefully using colours, images and fonts, a layout made from scratch can be turned into an attractive and good looking web site. For example, placing the navigation on top, the search box on the top right, leaving enough space between the web design elements and well organizing the contents can make a web site look neat and pretty. If you are planning to do an unconventional web design, then you have to be sure whether this would help you achieve your web site’s goals. But if you plan to use unconventional web design for the sake of it, then you might probably be making a mistake. By doing this, you may fail to make yourself noticed on the internet. Internet surfers like easy to use web sites with web design features that will let them carry out their tasks at ease.

The features of a web site are often the most important aspect. By employing the right web design solutions, you can easily achieve this. A good web site needs to do something that people want and like. For instance, the Yahoo web site uses web design features that provide up to date information frequently. Similarly, the Google web site helps people to find web pages quickly. Web design has a leading role to play in determining how good or bad the features on a web site are. Therefore, prior to creating a final web design, you have to make good planning about the features that you would like to include in your site.

It’s better to take your time and reach a web design that will earn you profits rather than pack your site with a lot of things that people would not be interested in.

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