A crucial aspect to make your site look beautiful is the inclusion of photos in your web site design. However, the photos have to be bright and clearly define what they have to represent. There is nothing worse than a photo that appears too dark. If you are taking some photos of the products which you would want to appear on your site and enhance your web design, make sure the place is well lit.

Web site design also concerns the manipulation of colours. Colours evoke emotions in people. Therefore, you have to choose interesting colours. Look for strong colour patches and make them rhyme with your photograph. But you have to be sure not to overload your photograph with too many colours. You can go for two or may be three colours that would gel with each other. There is no way to guarantee that you would take a good photo but there are plenty of ways to assure that you won’t. So, whenever you want to take photos, focus on your subject and take care to place your items in a place where there is plenty of light.

Moreover, whenever you add anything to your web site or alter your web site design, you should ask yourself why you are doing it. As a matter of fact, before you choose which images you want to include in your web site design, you need to know about their importance. You could ask yourself some questions: Are your images just for decorative purposes? Do they help to convey any information? What effect would the images have on people viewing your web site? Will they need to be updated from time to time using a content management system? Once you have all these answers, you may then know how to proceed with your web site design in order to accommodate your images. Then you can start to choose the pictures that would suit your web site best.

Furthermore, complex images may look beautiful on billboards and brochures. But these may not always work well online. Images on the web are smaller and their quality is lower than we usually see in print. Simplicity is beauty. So, you have to keep it simple. Your web site design features have to make room for every image you want people to see. On the other hand, if you want to integrate a content management system, your web site design has to allow you to do so. That is why asking yourself these questions is a good practice. You may then have an idea about how to create your web site design so that room can be created for features you want to add.

Close ups work well as do simple images with clear focus. You could use your web site design solutions to dissect a whole image into different close ups. However, you should not put a lot of emphasis on imagery. Unless you have a web site which deals with photographs, people probably would not come to your web site to look at photos. Concentrating rather upon improving your web site design features could be more profitable to you.

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