Everyone will agree that colors have always been very important in determining the mood of people. This is what the website designers must also keep in mind when choosing the colors of their sites. It really does have a huge influence on the visitors! The best way to act in this situation is to find out which colors make visitors interested in buying your products. You must also decide which colors promote your product and services best, so start looking! Otherwise, you will never be able to create the best to atmosphere for buying. The result of such a thing is the loss of money, as you may have already guessed by now.

You wouldn’t want to take the risk of testing the many effects colors have on the visitors and ultimately on their wallets, so keep in mind the fact that colors have different meanings in different cultures. If you are promoting a product in an overseas market, you should also research what a particular color stands for in that culture.

First, your website must use varying colors from the same palette. Thus you will design a better layout, which will be more pleasing to the eye and one that will have a better psychological effect on your visitors and potential buyers. The colors you have chosen by now must be suited to the product or service that you are selling. For instance, if your products are mainly for women, then you should choose colors with less saturation, while for men, the best ones are those with more saturation. The reason of this is that men and women prefer different colors in varying hues, luminosity and saturation!

The best strategy at this point is to make a thorough analysis of the audience you will have. Different colors indeed have different effects on different people because of gender, culture and life experience. Nevertheless, there are people who also have difficulty seeing certain colors because they have mild to severe color blindness. You must think about them too! In order to avoid any unpleasant situation, try not to use only red and green, which are typically the colors individuals with color blindness have the most problems seeing.

Just remember that the website you are designing must create a climate that will better sell your products. Should you use this guide when choosing the color scheme of your website, you cannot possibly go wrong!

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