The world has changed a great deal because of the advent of the internet. No where is this more true than in the world of business, where the internet has become, in only 10 years, an indispensable tool that most companies cannot live without anymore.

Nearly every company in existence has a website, and nearly every company needs someone to make that website.

This is where Marblemedia Sites comes in. Operating from Manchester, Marblemedia Sites offers website design and website development to its customers through their expert staff. If your company is in need of custom website design and website development, then you need to contact Marblemedia today, through their website at

Too many websites on the internet are designed by those who have no training in creating an effective design. New software tools allow anyone who wants to, the ability to create a website. However, there is much more to website design and web development than putting a few words on a webpage. In fact, there are many things to consider, including how people will look at your page, what to use for SEO keywords, and how to advertise the site on the internet.

Studies show that surfers will only look at a website for a few seconds before moving on. In those few seconds, you need to be able to entice the individual to go into your virtual business and check out what you offer. Having an effective website can do this.

MArblemedia will be able to create custom website designs and developments that will not only impress you, but your potential customers as well. We are skilled in web design and we want to put that skill to work for you to help you make your company a large virtual presence on the internet.

Having designed custom websites for industries as diverse as pharmacy and racing to psychic and real estate, we have what it takes to get people staying at your website for longer than a few seconds.

However, the services on go well beyond making the website, they also go into marketing it and getting it known to the people who surf the net. What is the point of designing a website if no one will see it? This is why work to advertise your company through expert Search Engine Optimization that will ensure your company ranks high on Google when someone searches for keywords relating to your business.

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