It is rather obvious that website promotion is of utmost importance for e marketing. Although we all know this, with the intent of promoting our sites on the net, end up doing things that do more harm than benefit for our website promotion. In fact, we often do things without actually knowing what we are doing. Let us here explore the activities that should best be avoided while we are attempting at website promotion.

The first thing is not to spam. Many experts consider this as the cardinal rule for website promotion. Never, under no circumstances, should you engage in the activity of sending mass mails. Innumerable hustlers will try to convince you about the positives of such spamming acts. Nevertheless, believe me, at best they will create enemies for you. Nonsensical spamming may also bar you from the big internet service providers.

Do not submit your website to as many search engines as you can get hold of. No, that is never going to do any good for your website promotion. There are only a handful of search engines worth their name. Others are all trash. Instead of being a positive factor for your website promotion, it will only depreciate your bankroll. What most such search engines will do is run the URL on any auto-submitter that you can always do on your own without spending a single penny.

There are several search engines as well as directories. Sort out for yourself only those few that will yield good returns for the purpose of website promotion. Which directories are appropriate for your purpose? Spend time over this and get rid of the obscure ones. They will do no good for your website promotion. Being selective over this matter will save a lot of your time and effort.

You will certainly submit your site to several directories as well as search engines. That is obvious for website promotion. Nevertheless, do not rush into such submission. Before you start submitting your site with the intent of website promotion, make sure that you have checked and re-checked each part of the site thoroughly. There may be several sections of your site. Are all such sections perfect as per your standards? Remember, no surfer will possibly come back to any URL that features a non-functional link or any annoying sign such as ‘under construction’.

Several big companies spend a rather hefty amount of money for designing their websites. However, it is quite a baffling thing that many of them recede from featuring that very URL on the business cards, etc. since that will cost them a few more bucks. Do not commit this mistake. Make sure that you include your URL on all the media of the company – all the letterheads, releases, even the coffee mugs – everything possible should feature the URL of your site. This is a great way for website promotion. At the end, remember that website promotion is an ever-continuing phenomenon. It is not that once you submit the site, all is done. That will do no good for your website promotion. Keep returning to the places where you submit your site. There may also be several new sites with much more effectiveness. Be on their hunt, ever.

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